Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Too much head on my drink (NSFA)

I poured quickly and terribly in my happiness to watch them call New Mexico for Obama. Not quite a party foul but close.

Now there calling Iowa for him. Looks like this'll be am early night cause the West is def going blue.

And now I just correctly answered a trivia question involving porn star history. I believe in a well rounded education, it's why i go to a Liberal Arts school.

They were showing a live feed on CNN of the school election party I am supposed to be at. I'm thinking that maybe my editors are happy I'm not there being my usual surly belligerent self.

Some of the names of the trivia groups participating are as follows:

Nailn' Palin Till She's Walin'
Team Meat
7-11 was an Inside Job
I've Been Wrist Deep In Half the Girls in this Bar
and Deez Nuts (who seem to be a staple at this trivia night)

Obama is ahead 207-83 according to CNN, but the teevee screen is fuzzy.

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