Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"Let the new night bring you peace And the promise of tomorrow, Where we can wake to a new beginning"

Those lyrics are from Against Me's 8 Full Hours of Sleep.

Truer words never spoken.

But I have to wonder...

What happens tomorrow?

How easy will this transition be? What happens in the months left that we still have a Bush Administration? Will the nation be more divided now that a black man is president? Is Sarah Palin going to start running for 2012? Is the G.I. Joe movie going to suck? Where did Waldo go after that latest book?

I'm going to sleep after all these celebratory shots. My voice in hoarse after shouting for a couple of hours and my body weary from all the hugs I've given.

i hope this isn't a dream

I hope this isn't a dream.

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