Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fat Commentators in a Little Table

I seriously hate CNN's coverage. I know this is forbidden territory for me to say this in Atlanta, but there's just something that irks me about having cramming that many commentators on a tiny table. If you need to speak to Roland Martin, just talk to Roland Martin. Don't have him elbow to elbow with Paul Begala as though his merely being there is some boon to the integrity of "the most trusted name in news."

In the fight between the news networks, it's clear to see what each channel is doing to attract voters. Some are calling the states earlier than others. ABC had George Stephenopolis give Charlie Gibson a whirl on the interactive map. NBC had Tavis Smiley on (I guess that was supposed to do some good). But CNN has since they put all this together crammed all these commentators into a tiny table with their matching laptops, praying for newsworthy content to fill all the time.

It has to make due for all the bickering they do.

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