Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's not all good news

Something has to be said that this is a bittersweet moment for the presumptive President-elect. The woman who basically raised him from age ten died yesterday.

Moment of silence.

Homosexual people across the nation are weeping as their rights have been discarded wholeheartedly in all states with marriage rights amendments.

I really had hope that California's Proposition 8 would not pass. As the night goes on it doesn't look like that will not happen. I kept my registration in California for a reason, and an NO on Prop 8 was that reason. It is a sad day for civil rights.

The congressional races aren't where they should be either. Obama is going to have to live up to his bipartisan talk from his campaign, because Republicans still have filibuster power and looks like they will keep enough votes in both houses to challenge and stop the Democratic majority as far as legislation is concerned.

We can celebrate tonight, but come tomorrow we will all have to face the reality of how much of the same is ingrained into our country.

We may have elected a new leader, but have far from decided on a new path.

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