Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Seriously this is silly

I am Maroon Tiger Opinion editor Alexander P. Brown, aka the Ghost Editor, aka "Why weren't you at this meeting?"

It is way too early to be blogging this election dammit.

Nothing is really going to plan tonight for me. I should be in various states of intoxication as I watch the election news so i can either cry into my liquor or accept celebratory shots. None of that is happening right now.

I am sober. Angrily sober.

Wolf Blitzer's annoying blaring is starting to sound like a siren as he launches into a read off of the Senate and House seats. Obama is polling pretty good at 81 to 34 according to CNN. And I am surrounded by people who decided to get wasted before i could find and access my laptop.

There is no justice.

And right now I'm getting an IM from my homies in Cali asking whether or not my state will get it's act together, referencing the fact I live in GA right now. I don't vote in this state, I don't even like this state seventy percent of the time. And while it would be pretty awesome if Georgia went blue this year it doesn't mean my tuition will go down because of it. Maybe I'll get lucky and my professors will be too wasted from the celebrating to actually teach the rest of the week.

Where is my whiskey?

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